Welcome to my Website!

This is Hua Zhu, coding for the very first time. Feel free to check out my first interaction with codes! I spent 90 mins to draw this picture using P5. This image is an evil looking kid with a kite in her hand. Don't ask me why I draw this because I had no clue! During the process, I found that it is a bit tricky for me to figure out the relationship and the logic between lines of codes. It did took me a while to find out who is overlapping who. Plus, I spent extra effort trying to "put the drawing pen down" when drawing with codes, thus the composition for the picture took me enough time. Last but not least, the picture is still a bit dull since it's made with dead straight lines and simple color on the back ground. Thanks for bearing with me! Click it!.

To view the source code, check it out here Source code!